electronic surfer

electronic surfer

" a new sport is coming."

e-Jetsurfbords. new family trend sport.




100 % electric Jetsurfboards

Generally, the topic around the sea is a very sporty, here in Mallorca - starting in 2019, water sports in the Balearic Islands will be given to new generations of jetsurfboards, who will now be able to use them very easily and book them right away.


The fact that this topic is becoming very exciting is shown by the steadily increasing number of e-SUP or SUP enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Almost anyone can discover this pure joy of water sports with the help of this easy-to-use e.jetsurfboard.

The new generation

electric surfboards are now online and can be reserved. They are fast on the water and at the same time good for the environment.

With about 50Km / h is ours

e JET-SURF just perfect for first-time users or for ingenious exits along the coasts of Mallorca.

Discover the performance with the uderwter Scooter.

So you can train your tricks and skills on the shores.

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